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Catching Late Summer Crappie (September 13, 2023 6:18 pm)
Catch Fall Transition Catfish (October 25, 2023 11:30 am)
Fall Transition Crappie (November 21, 2023 5:42 pm)
Find Shad, Find Crappie! (February 1, 2023 4:06 pm)

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Dock Shooting Crappie (First Time!)

Nov 04, 2022Comments off

Dock shooting crappie is very popular and an effective method for catching a mess. Its does however take some practice as G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage

Bumping Rods for Catfishing

Oct 26, 2022Comments off

Bumping for catfish is popular and the right rod could make all the difference in a successful trip and not. Here’s a video describing the

Catching The Weekend Crappie on Grand Lake ...

Oct 26, 2022Comments off

Catching crappie during the week can have its challenges but go on a weekend and those challenges may double. On this G3 Sportsman episode, Scott

Summertime Catfish Using Shrimp!

Oct 09, 2022Comments off

Catching catfish mostly requires bait that has been or is alive. Probably shad or skipjack. Catching bait with a throw net is an art that

Choosing The Right PFD

Aug 05, 2021Comments off

A personal floatation device should always be worn on the boat, whether the motor is running or even when fishing. G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage shows

“Catching Slip Cork Crappie”

Aug 09, 2021Comments off

Catching crappie is great. Catching crappie on slip corks is just plain fun! On this G3 Sportsman episode Scott Turnage visits his good buddy Jeff

Launching Your Boat Tips For First Time Boa...

Aug 18, 2021Comments off

Preparing your boat to launch. Its simple for the novice boater but for the first time boat owners, there are a few important tips you

Crappie: Big Or Small We Love Em All

Jul 14, 2021Comments off

With crappie fishing you have those days where its either all smalls, all big or nothing. Then you have a combination of weeding through the

First Time Boat Owner Tips

Jul 20, 2021Comments off

With record boat sales, there are a number of first time boat owners. Scott Turnage with G3 Boats will be presenting a number of episodes

First Time Boat Owners Tip: Stop Lanyard

Jul 26, 2021Comments off

For all first time boat owners a very important tip is to always have the stop lanyard attached to your person anytime you have the