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Dedicated To The Everyday OutdoorsmanEach week the G3 Sportsman takes to the woods and waters in search of new outdoor adventures. Whatever the season, whatever the species, host Scott Turnage and his guests will take an in-depth look at all that the outdoors has to offer and the experiences sportsmen want to see.

One week its rabbit hunting, the next maybe fishing for alligator gar. It’s just regular guys doing what they love to do.  If you like diversity, and enjoy hunting and fishing all the seasons, then this is the show to watch. Frustrations, aggravations, and jubilations are all on the menu when the cameras start rolling, bringing a realistic look at what happens in the real world of outdoor adventures.

Scott Turnage

“Good ol’ boy” just doesn’t begin to describe Scott Turnage, host of the G3 Sportsman outdoor show.

A man who likes to identify himself as the “sap in my family tree” is also an accomplished outdoorsman, ball player, aluminum-extrusion salesman, and fishing guide on several prime Tennessee lakes and rivers.

Growing up in rural Southeast Missouri, Scott found out early that you had to play ball, hunt, or fish… that’s all there was to it. You didn’t have video games and TV was limited to only 3 channels, so you had to be outside. It was also at a time when kids could safely leave home to hunt and fish on their own.

Fishing for Scott began from the bank catching bream and catfish with his Granddad on cane poles, upgraded later to a flimsy fiberglass rod armed with the ever popular Zebco 202. His first boat was a 14′ Sears and Roebuck jon boat with a Ted Williams signature 9 horse motor that seldom set on the ground.

His Dad bought he and his brother two beagle hounds (Duke and Queen) and armed them each with (what else) a Sears .410 shotgun. He was now a hunter! Chasing rabbits, quail, and doves was top priority come fall and having the Mississippi Flyway at your disposal for water fowling wasn’t bad either. It is this deeply rooted passion for hunting and fishing that shines though as Scott hosts the G3 Sportsman.

Scott carried this early love of the outdoors with him through his “other” careers and when the time was right, the creation of the Midwest Sportsmen TV show gave him the opportunity to showcase his natural talent with outdoorsmen from all across the country, including shows with the likes of famous sportsmen such as Forrest L. Wood.

And now, armed with the backing of G3 Boats and Yamaha Motors, Scott is now fulfilling all his expectations with the G3 Sportsman by taking on new adventures and profiling all of the “simple pleasures” that have grown from his enthusiasm for fishing and hunting in those remote Tennessee waters, Mississippi flyways and woods around his granddad’s cabin.

We invite you into Scott’s world to glimpse the “real-life” characters who are our hunting and fishing partners. Sit back and enjoy the G3 Sportsman as Scott guides us along, into “a simpler way of enjoying the outdoors.”