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“Catch Crappie During The Spawn” (April 25, 2023 4:58 pm)
Sunset Crappie. Watch The Thermocline. (June 30, 2023 7:28 pm)
Where To Find Summer Crappie (August 22, 2023 6:53 pm)
Catching Late Summer Crappie (September 13, 2023 6:18 pm)

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Crappie From Elk City Lake With Crappie Cow...

May 30, 2023Comments off

Crappie in Kansas may not be high on your list for great crappie fishing but maybe it should. On this G3 Sportsman episode, Craig Nichols “The Crappie Cowboy” gives a neat tutorial on catching crappie with


Sunset Crappie. Watch The Thermocline.

Jun 30, 2023Comments off

Catching crappie in the hot months of Summer can be challenging at times. Have you ever though to check the thermocline? On this G3 Sportsman episode, Scott Turnage meets up with Kris Nelson of Tandem Fly


Catch Fall Transition Catfish

Oct 25, 2023Comments off

“To catch catfish in the Fall you may want to sometimes think to look shallow.” At least thats where to look on Truman Lake says guide Capt Jeff Faulkenberry. Along with G3 Sportsman Westin Yancey, they


Find Shad, Find Crappie!

Feb 01, 2023Comments off

Catching crappie can be a whole lot easier when you find their bait source. Most likely that will be shad so, find the shad, find the crappie. Kyle Lasater, a crappie catching fanatic on Bull Shoals


Fall Transition Crappie

Nov 21, 2023Comments off

The crappie have moved into their Fall transition and Scott Turnage (G3 Sportsman) travels to Pomme de Terre Lake in MO to hook up with Kris Nelson of Tandem Fly Outfitters to find crappie moving from


Crappie Fishing: What The Future Looks Like...

Feb 06, 2023Comments off

With technology advancing, locating and catching crappie has become easier the past few years. Is it helping or hurting? Is it too easy to catch crappie? Is it not fishing anymore? So, what does the future


Catching Late Summer Crappie

Sep 13, 2023Comments off

Crappie can still be caught in the late Summer days but they maybe a bit finicky. We joined our old buddy Kyle Lasater (who you may not recognize) on Bull Shoals Lake in NW AR for


“Catch Crappie During The Spawn”...

Apr 25, 2023Comments off

The crappie spawn is what a lot of crappie anglers look forward to every year. The action is usually fast and there can be lots of crappie caught. On this G3 Sportsman episode, host Scott Turnage


Where To Find Summer Crappie

Aug 22, 2023Comments off

Crappie in the Summer are just like us and not happy when its hot. On this G3 Sportsman episode, Scott Turnage gets a few secrets on where to look for crappie in the heat of Summer


Here’s How You Catch The Winter Blue ...

Feb 17, 2023Comments off

Blue catfish have the feed bag on gorging themselves on the abundant food supply since the recent shad kill on Truman Lake. Capt Jeff Faulkenberry gave us the call and he and G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage