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G3 Sportsman TV 2008 Memories (April 13, 2024 5:07 pm)
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“The Early Days”

G3 Sportsman TV 2008 Memories

Apr 13, 2024Comments off

20 years goes by in a blink. Here’s a fun recap from 2008 G3 Sportsman TV show. #g3boats #crappie #bassfishing #crappiefishing #whitebass #yamaha #bluecatfish #catchandrelease

Florida Topwater Spec’s And Redfish W...

Feb 28, 2018Comments off

On this G3 Sportsman we traveled to Florida to fish with one of the most colorful characters in the outdoor industry, Mr Sam Heaton of

Versatility Of Fishing With Swim Baits

Feb 28, 2018Comments off

This G3 Sportsman show is all about the swim bait and how versatile it is. We are with Ken Chamount back when he was with

Hunting Deer On Your Home Turf

Jan 23, 2018Comments off

Its always fun to get to hunt on your own home turf for deer. Nothing more satisfying than to bag a buck that you’ve watched

Arkansas’ Gastons Resort Trout Fishin...

Jan 23, 2018Comments off

From the banks of the White River in Northern Ark sits Gaston’s Resort. Home of the finest trout fishing anywhere and so we drift our

Fall Stripers on Beaver Lake Arkansas

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

Fall is an excellent time for catching stripers and Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas is where this episode takes place with guide Joe Farkas. source

Turkey Hunting Never Sounded So Good

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

Ever wonder what it’d be like to hunt not hearing any sound? Halye Wilson was born deaf but with her new cochlear implants she will

Spinnerbait Bassin With Lonnie Stanley

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

A lot of times we don’t like complicated when it comes to catching bass. Lonnie Stanley of the Stanley Jig Company shows us how using

Making Brush Piles for Crappie 2008

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

Ever want to make your own crappie habitat from natural resources? Heres a fun show on how Uncle Bill Fondren of the Tejas Guide Service

4 Wheeling Silver Salmon in Alaska

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

The G3 Sportsman crew travel to Alaska where they 4 wheeler down the coast line to Cook Inlet for some fantastic silver salmon fishing. Featuring