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Crappie Fishing: What The Future Looks Like?

With technology advancing, locating and catching crappie has become easier the past few years. Is it helping or hurting? Is it too easy to catch crappie? Is it not fishing anymore?
So, what does the future hold for crappie fishing? Will it continue thrive or bust? We asked that question at the recent Grizzly Jig Spring Tackle Show to a variety of crappie enthusiasts, guides, manufacturers, social media and retailer Grizzly Jig to give us their opinion on the industry trends and future of crappie fishing. We would love to hear your thoughts too. Good, bad or ugly, this is a great topic to discuss because we all love crappie!
Be sure to check out Grizzly Jig for everything crappie at: https://www.grizzlyjig.com/


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